Hot new personal assistant Michael Boston rims then fucks his boss ebony hunk Beaux Banks’ hot asshole

Next Door Studios says: Michael Boston has a new job and he is going out of his way to please his new boss Beaux Banks.

Beaux is just about to start a Zoom call to discuss some new salary raises for his employees when Michael pops in an offers to give him a back massage.

While Beaux is on the call Michael slips in and drops Beaux’s pants slipping his tongue deep between Beaux’s ass cheeks.

As Michael’s tongue gets deeper in Beaux’s ass hole Beaux cuts the call and enjoys all the ass attention.

In return for the hot rim job Beaux gets Michael naked and sucks his big erect dick.

Michael then lifts Beaux up and slides his big thick dick deep into Beaux’s bubble butt.

Beaux slides his ass onto Michael’s raw dick keeping control of the bareback fucking till both young dudes blow their loads over each other.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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