Paul Wagner rides top saddle as Tyler Torro fucks him good!

Next Door Buddies says: Sexy Paul Wagner is hiding in wait for his neighborly prey Tyler Torro. Paul is playing with his latest summer toy, a high powered water pistol. As Tyler sidles up the garden path blissfully unawares, Paul jumps him and gets a direct hit full square in the face with a series of water jets. Tyler recovering his balance gives chase, and catches up with Paul as he bounces through the patio door, into his bedroom and onto the big kingsize bed.

Tyler tickles Paul ferociously and gets his interest fired up. Paul strips off his t-shirt to reveal his fabulously hairy pecs. He then grabs Tyler’s shorts and rips them off in one swift move. Quickly releasing Tyler’s big cock from his sexy red American Eagle underwear, already hard and ready to be sucked. Paul doesn’t disappoint and sets to work chomping down Tyler’s thick circumcized cock. Worshiping it with long deep throat strokes taking it right back till his lips are nestled in Tyler’s trimmed bush.

Tyler moans in sheer delight! While Paul is busy around the front Tyler gets to work exposing Paul’s beautifully furry round butt and his prized hairy hole. Hmmmm. With Tyler’s thighs strapped against his chest and his feet hanging in the air, Paul licks his balls and runs his tongue down his shaved ass crack and pushes his tongue deep inside. Getting it ready for a quick entry. Well Tyler has other ideas and Paul agrees to take Tyler’s ample dick inside his tight hole.

Paul rides top saddle with Tyler pumping his ass from below. They switch positions many times each time Tyler deepens Paul’s pleasure pumping him harder and harder until Tyler is close to the edge and he pulls out swiftly jerking a full creamy load over the pair. Now that is much better than water sports isn’t it boys? Get this video at Next Door Buddies!


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