Muscled bodybuilder Jackson Gunn


Muscled bodybuilder Jackson Gunn

Muscle Hunks says: At 27 years old Jackson Gunn looks like the Mr Michelin Man of days gone by, he is literally all muscle. His huge chest and arms are only surpassed by his ultra thick thigh muscles. I like muscles, I really do but for me, Jackson Gunn’s are edging towards the improbable.



They have gone past the stage where they look natural and healthy. However most of my muscle loving friends wouldn’t say no. Jackson has a smattering of tattoos across his arms, chest and back which are sexy.


His shaved dick looks kinda small in comparison, I guess as Joan Rivers always said about Dolly Parton’s small feet, ‘nothing grows in the shade!’ Jackson performs regularly over at Live Muscle Show and has an avid following of fans there.



For me though, I’d always be searching around for the release value to let some of his compressed air out. Sorry Mr Michelin Man, I think I’ll pass up a chance on your bouncy castle. Just this once.











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