Island Studs – tattooed redheaded straight muscle hunk Eric

Island Studs says: Straight beefy muscle boy Eric loves his job as one of Hawaii’s sexy scuba diving instructors. Weighing in at 195 pounds and standing 6´2” tall he certainly takes your breath away when you see him decked out in his scuba gear. This confident red headed hunk talks fast and easy man to man, whether he is at home drinking beer and tossing burgers or kicking a football about on the beach with his buddies.

Get him stripped down and the first thing you notice after the tattooes front and back is his chunky lightly hairy football players body. Turn him around and catch a glimpse of his huge muscular athletic ass and his tight ball sack and rock hard thick cock. “My thighs are from playing hockey in high school and college,” Eric says with a smile while showing off this thick hairy tight thighs.

Eric is hairy all over and enjoys showing off his furry body for the cameras. Watch Eric’s thick dick and big balls swing between his legs as he mows the lawn fully naked! Our cameras catch his BIG BEEFY man body from every angle was the walks about the garden nude with the mower. Eric’s thick blue collar cock stays hard for us even as he does his chores in our Nudist Working series.

Watch how his beautiful cock flops up and over the edge of the balcony rail as he takes a long piss from high above the garden. Watch as his pee falls 3 stories below his balls hanging over the edge. Feast your eyes on his nice chunky butt and furry legs as he moves outdoors sweating. When Eric begins jerking off he loses himself playing with his sexy cock and balls.

Our cameras catch all the intimate action as Eric strokes his big solid cock and plays with his thick chest. Eric really puts on a show for us, moaning, rubbing his hairy chest and closing his eyes in ecstasy as he strokes his fatty. He finally cums huge gobs of thick white goo that shoot high into the air and land on his furry crotch and stomach. We are happy this popular Hawaiian diving instructor has decided to become an Island Stud! Eric is as sexy in the water in his scuba gear as he is fully naked out of his gear on land.

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