Young cute dude Danny Wilcoxx’s hot bare hole raw fucked by hairy older bear Cain Marko’s huge dick

Fun Size Boys says: The basement was full of Cain Marko’s musky scent, clearly from sweating and working right next to the source of the problem. It wasn’t offensive, though. Cain’s sweat smelt woody and fresh. Like pine and smoke. It was actually quite nice.

When young cute Danny Wilcoxx got close to him, even seeing him lying on his back, he was amazed by how big and tall he was. When Cain stood up to get his water, Danny did all he could to not look shocked.

Cain had opened up his coverall and was wearing a white tank top that he’d just begun to sweat through. It was just beginning to appear sheer around the chest and armpits, drenched in the big man’s perspiration.

As Cain gulped down the water, he took off the tank top, revealing a beautiful chest of fire-red hair. His nipples were large and pink, peaking off of massive slabs of muscle that were bigger than Danny’s entire face.

He tried not to drool, but it was hard to maintain his composure around someone so unbelievably big and masculine. He looked like a cartoon character brought to life!

Cain could tell that his shirtlessness was having an effect on the little guy. He could tell he was into him from the moment he greeted him. Looking the way he does, Cain is no stranger to the attention of horny men. But something about little Danny just made him smile.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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