Fratmen Heath – American Footballer

Fratmen says: Dark haired footballer hunk Fratmen Heath is pretty handy with a ball on the field. Back in the bedroom as he removes his jeans, you realise he’s pretty handy all over. As he removes his shirt Heath’s nicely defined abs with a light dusting of brown hair are the first thing to catch your eye. That is together with with his stubble beard, the unshaved look that is so hot just now.


As he bends to remove his ripped jeans from around his ankles, check out how his skin ripples beautifully over his abs. That central band of chest hair just between his pecs running all the way down to his crotch looks so sexy too. As he stand there in his Ralph Lauren boxers this boy looks every ounce the glorious strong man he is becoming.

You can imagine the looks he gets in the locker room from the other Alpha Male players on his team. This man looks like he means business. Into the shower he goes and under the warm streaming water his cock becomes instantly erect as he tugs at it, gently at first.


Then a little harder and faster, with his low hanging balls in their sack bouncing with the rhythmic to and fro of his expert hand movements. A great frontal shot of his cock and balls as he rubs his hand across his defined chest and looks one cool relaxed dude enjoying a quiet wank. He towels himself dry and jumps on to the bed, face down, his hard cock rubbing against the bedclothes increasing the sensation without any hand involvement.


Later he flips over to lie with his eyes closed on the bed gently jerking his dick with one hand resting behind his head, exposing a hairy armpit you just want to lick. In fact you just want to lick Fratmen Heath all over. Once he gets into the flow, his breathing becomes heavy and he gets close to that moment of truth, we all know and love. Get the full Fratmen Heath video at Fratmen!




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