Yes Father says: Young altar boys Jay Tee and Ryland Kingsman waiting for the priest to arrive. Jay Tee is a little indisciplined and is messing about sipping at the wine chalice and playing drums on the font. Ryland is worried that they will get caught and both boys will be defrocked and sent away from the priesthood. Jay says he’s no fun and gets his dick out and puts it in the chalice. He is out of control andRead the full story here!

Yes Father says: Young trainee priest Zak Bishop is kneeling next to his bed saying his prayers before sleeping when he is interrupted by Father Joel Someone and Father Dacotah Red. They are doing a regular search of the priest dorms for contraband and luckily for young Zak, they don’t find anything. They are just about to leave when Father Joel notices that Zak has a huge boner in his pants and makes him take them off. The site ofRead the full story here!

Yes Father says: Young sweet altar boy Zak Bishop has broken the rules again. Father Joel Someone questions him about the misdeeds. Bearded Father Joel says the only way that he can stay is if he gives in to all of the pervy priest’s demands without complaint. At confession, Zak admits to having impure thoughts. Zak is one of Father Joel’s favorites and so he allows him to receive his penance for his sins. Father Joel reaches forward and kissesRead the full story here!

Yes Father says: Young muscular trainee priest Jay Tee is getting ready for bed at the mission. Father Jack Hunter has been worrying about little Jay’s temptations and he’s been praying extra for him. As Jay in just his tight undies and socks is kneeling down for his nightly prayers before bed Father Jack knocks on the door. Father Jack asks if Jay’s disturbing fantasies would be helped if the young stud was allowed to fuck the Father’s ass. PerhapsRead the full story here!