Missionary Boys says: President Manual Skye has been on the receiving end of some disturbing gossip about one of his missionary boys and he has today called in Elder Benjamin Blue to get to the bottom of this. Rumors have it that Elder Benjamin has succumbed to impure thoughts and has been touching himself under the cover of darkness in his single bunk. President Skye’s spies in the dorm have reported Elder Benjamin for masturbating late at night and forRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Dirty Missionary President Beau Reed has heard good things about young Elder Edward Terrant from members of the congregation. In order to test the young boy’s trust in him, President Reed asks Elder Terrant to place his hands behind his back whilst he ties them with a rope. President Reed then asks him if he is interested in the holistic religious experience of sex. Unsure how to answers Elder Terrant says, “Yes, I think so.” This givesRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Super cute young Elder Jake Hill has excelled during his time at church and he’s the talk of the flock. Today he is called into President Beau Reed’s office for something of a reward for all his holy endeavors. As President Reed touches the young boy’s bare leg he tells him that he’s going to get a special kind of massage with blessed anointing oils. As Elder Hill lies prostrate on the massage table President Reed pullsRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: President Beau Reed has been speaking to some of the other trainee priests and they report that young Elder Jake Hill has been experimenting with drugs to help him experience new things. President Reed says “How about I show you some of those new things?” as he presses the young dude Elder Hill’s mouth towards his big erect dick. Elder Hill sucks down hard on his thick erection getting his cock deep in his throat as PresidentRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Hot young missionary boy Elder Taylor Reign keeps falling off the hollowed path and his aberrant behavior has come to the attention of President Trent Summers. Behind closed doors, President Summers is quick to get to the point, he undresses the young wayward lad and gets him to a number of heinous acts of gay sexual behavior to rid him of the demons inside him. With a gag in his mouth Elder Reign undergoes a number ofRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Young Elder Taylor Reign visits older Bishop Trent Summers for a purification ceremony Bishop Summers undresses Elder Reign removing his shirt and pants getting him to lie totally naked on the altar. Elder Reign’s thick soft cock quickly becomes fully erect as Bishop Summers drips the holy oil onto his body and rubs it into his skin in long slow strokes. When Bishop Summers manhandles Elder Reign’s hard cock he jerks it slowly and rubbing his cumRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis (aka Joel Someone) welcomes Elder Taylor Reign to his office for a more thorough evaluation than is usually the norm. President Lewis hugs Elder Reign from behind before helping his strip out of his shirt and pants. Elder Reign poses naked on all fours on President Lewis’ desk as he smothers the young lad’s body with tender kisses. President Lewis’ is checking that he is physically and mentally fit as Elder Reign can’t hide hisRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Fit young dude Jesse Bolton is relaxing at home when he hears someone at the door ringing the bell. He opens the door to find Father Jax Thirio asking if he can come in. Jesse invites Father Jax in and when they are seated on the sofa Jesse mentions that he has decided to go on a mission. Jesse says he will miss Father Jax and he hopes for his blessing. Father Jax opens his pants andRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: President Trent Summers has called young Elder Kai Masters in for a meeting to discuss his appearance. Rumors have been flying that Elder Masters has got himself several tattoos. The President asks that Elder Masters undresses and shows him the offending ink. He helps Elder Masters off with his clothes and lies him down on the altar to do a complete inspection. The President rubs his naked young body saying, “it’s nice and smooth.” President Summers’ hugeRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis has booked a meeting with Alder Taylor Reign for what is called a worthiness exam. The meeting starts with President Lewis asking Taylor some personal questions starting with, “do you have unclean thoughts?” Young Taylor answers truthfully, “yes sir.” “Any sexual contact with your companion?” Again, Taylor replies, “no sir.” “Do you ever wonder what it would feel like?” questions President Lewis. “No sir,” comes back the reply from godly young Taylor. President bends overRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: The missionaries have long gossiped about tales of bolder members being tempted to sneak out of the order and into the temple which is against the rules. Elder Jace Madden has heard of the wild stories but he is not sure if they are really true. That is until Elder Chase Daniels arrives in his life. Elder Daniels is not a boy for rules and regulations and he certainly will break the rules whenever possible. Elder MaddenRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis aka Joel Someone invites Elder Kai Masters into his study after other priests had questioned his purity. “Do you ever have unclean thoughts?” asks President Lewis. “Yes, everyone does,” replies the shy Elder Masters. “Have you ever engaged in any sexual activity with another boy?” “No never.” is the young boy’s honest answer. “Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if someone else stroked it?” the dirty-minded President Lewis questions. “No I haven’tRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Elder Oliver Star, believes that loyalty matters above all else, and loyalty to the Order is to be the most respected over that of good friends who come a healthy second in line. Star is more than willing to help Bishop Jesse Zeppelin when he is called to help decide if his friend and fellow Order member Elder Chase Daniels is being totally truthful about all the sins he may have committed. To Star, this is notRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Elder Jesse Avalon still has questions about joining the mission and Father Dakota Lovell and Father Dante Drackis offer him advice and support. “Don’t you get horny? asks young Elder Avalon. “We have to keep ourselves pure,” replies Father Drackis, “So sexual things”. It’s clear that Elder Avalon is not ready to be ordained into the mission. However, when they ask him to leave, he stands up and undoes his pants. As his jeans drop to hisRead the full story here!

Say Uncle Missionary Boys says: A new missionary boy Elder Benjamin Blue is here today and President Manual Skye will be taking him through his paces. Handsome young boy Elder Benjamin is a little nervous as he perches on top of a high stool whilst President Manual takes him through a number of initiation tests. Elder Benjamin notices that Elder Manual has a huge crotch bulge in his pants as he reaches around and feels his huge erect cock. ElderRead the full story here!

Missionary Boys says: Another young missionary boy is in trouble, today it is Elder Jesse Avalon who must pay for his latest transgressions. Elder Avalon is happy to say a few more prayers to make good but Father Dakota Lovell and Bishop Dante Drackis have other ideas for some retribution. As the two of them join Elder Avalon kneeling on the floor they grab him and ties his hands behind his back. They then force him to suck their bigRead the full story here!