Freshmen says: The day is at hand. Giulio Pasolini makes his official debut. Those who have had the pleasure of speaking to him at BelAmiChat know that he is very cute with the ability to get along with everyone. These traits came in well partnered with Bastian Dufy who often overwhelms newbies with his forwardness. Where Bastian’s enthusiasm makes others nervous it makes Giulio horny as he brings us one of the hottest and sexiest debut scenes we’ve ever filmed.Read the full story here!

Fabian Jacq’s raw ass bare fucked by Jason Bacall’s huge dick!….. Freshmen says: Why Jason Bacall introduced this clip as a “training scene” is a mystery as Fabian Jacq had already been with us 18 months when this scene was filmed, far from a newbie. You will note the easy-going familiarity they have with each other’s bodies. This is due to the two boys being friends in real life and have redoubtably already hooked up in private. While Jason hasRead the full story here!

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Nino Valens and Nate Donaghy mutual cock sucking!….. Freshmen says: Some may say Nino Valens is too skinny, some that Nate Donaghy is past his prime. Perhaps. But both boys are fully committed to giving all of you a five-star performance every time. To honor that commitment, let’s avoid comments like this and enjoy the scene for all the other reasons. See sexy young Euro boys Nino Valens and Nate Donaghy hardcore ass fucking here!   See sexy young EuroRead the full story here!

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Benoit Ulliel persuades hot fucker Hoyt Kogan to pound his ass till it’s sore!….. Freshmen says: Have pity for Hoyt Kogan as the travails of being hot, sexy and a great lover are underappreciated. The first burden is that he attracts other beautiful friends like Kevin and Jerome who always take an inordinate interest in his paramours. So, when he brings home Benoit Ulliel for a “first date” the two lovely pains-in-the-ass can scarcely leave them in peace for aRead the full story here!

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Young ripped stud Viggo Sorensen shows off his big soft uncut dick and lovely sexy body!….. Freshmen says: Introducing us to the charming Viggo Sorensen is Director Luke Hamill who is standing in for our regular interviewer George Duroy. You will probably note an unusually close rapport between Luke and Viggo and that he is strangely relaxed for a first-time model. The explanation is the unusual career trajectory he has underwent with us. You see, Viggo worked as a cameramanRead the full story here!

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Sven Basquiat deep throats Peter Annaud’s massively thick cock!….. Freshmen says: We’ll give him this: He tried. But there was no way Sven Basquiat was ever going to convince Peter Annaud to become a vegetarian. Like any great salesman, he knows his audience, enticing Peter with the allure that vegetarianism will give him “More energy for sex”. All this sex talk makes Sven hungry for the one piece of “meat” he’ll consume the one between Peter’s legs. Peter elects toRead the full story here!

Hot Euro boy anal Jarrod Lanvin, Bastian Duffy and Jason Bacall barebacking ass fucking!….. Freshmen says: Our more observant members may have noticed a pattern: Every fourth week of summer features a two-part scene with three of your favorites. This week we have Jarrod Lanvin, Bastian Duffy and Jason Bacall. Synergy is when two or more agents combine to produce a sum greater than their individual efforts. Here we have the athleticism of Bastian Duffy, the sensuality of Jason BacallRead the full story here!

Loving Euro twink style Jamie Durrell and Nate Donaghy in love!….. Freshmen says: Nate Donaghy’s freckled shyness nicely combines with Jamie Durrell’s cheery intensity to make a sweet and tender scene. This was filmed as part of last year’s Greek production and is the only scene with Nate as he had to leave early for a family emergency. This scene falls in the “romance” category, so those who wish to see wild hard fucking should look elsewhere. See gorgeous youngRead the full story here!

Claude Sorel and Helmut Huxley hardcore barebacking!….. Freshmen says: Part one of this scene features an abundance of spurting sticky white cream- suntan lotion. It begins with Claude Sorel sunbathing as Helmut Huxley helpfully applies lotion. This lotioning leads to horniness and inevitably to sex. To show his appreciation for the skilful lotioning, Claude treats Helmut to some expert deep-throating. See Helmut Huxley’s huge twink dick deep throated by Claude Sorel here!   See Helmut Huxley’s huge twink dick deepRead the full story here!

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Serge Cavalli and Enrique Vera bareback ass fucking each other!….. Freshmen says: At Belami we often try to pair more experienced models with our Freshmen. In this flip-flop scene Serge Cavalli and Enrique Vera force us to re-think that practice as they demonstrate that passion, lust and enthusiasm more than compensates for lack of experience. This scene has a genuine sexual drive and both boys give us first-class performances as tops and also as bottoms. Marty, who filmed this scene,Read the full story here!

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