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We threw his drunk ass on the table and rammed our dicks up his smooth young college ass

Kinda reminded me of fucking my girl friend!…… Fraternity X says: Caleb lost to a game of beer pong. So we threw his drunk ass on the table…

Fraternity straight pledge dude dropped the bong he got his ass fucked hard

Straight Fratboy first time anal gang banged asshole!…… Fraternity X says: We were chilling. Watching the fight. Getting ripped. I passed the bong to this dumb ass pledge….

Andrew Collins, Donny Forza and Ryan Keene

Straight fratboys ass fucking gay orgy!…… FraternityX says: Me and my boy were taking turns on this bitches hole all night. Cock in mouth, cock in ass 24/7….

FraternityX loosen him up

OMG this one wouldn’t stop screaming!….. Fraternity X says: We were just chilling out. Jerking our dicks off to some porn and getting our buzz on. I guess…

FraternityX: All day drinking all day gay sex gang bang

He ended up taking all of our dicks, and that wasn’t even close to enough. We fucked him forever! FraternityX says: During a recent all day and night…

Hot fraternity brothers making America gay again

Lets skip the politics and spit roast this bitch!…… Fraternity X says: This here is America. We like our beer to taste like piss and our guns to…

FraternityX grab him by the mussy, I shoved my dick in his young tight ass

This blonde dude was walking around the house in his boxers, looking all pretty and shit!…… Fraternity X says: It was 11am on a Monday. We were wrecked…

FraternityX Sunday Funday

We duct taped his mouth shut and fucked his dumb ass while watching the game!…… Fraternity X says: We caught Tyler spanking it to our porn videos. Its…

Plow his bareback ass bro

The little cunt knew he had it coming so he didn’t even resist!…… FraternityX says: Me and my boys picked on Matt again. This time we got the…

Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching so we duct taped his mouth shut

We duct taped Dean’s mouth shut and got mean with his hole!…… Fraternity X says: We were all horny as fuck dude. Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching. So…

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