CzechHunter says: On my way back into the city I passed a young dude at the side of the road thumbing a life. It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve had a hitchhiker that I thought may as well try my luck. Well as it turned out this guy had already had a bad day, he’d lost his wallet with his entire monthly salary inside. I couldn’t retrieve his wallet but I could maybe help him with some ready cash. IRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I bumped into my next sexy straight dude whilst I was wandering around a beautiful countryside park. I came across him in a clearing as he was sitting on a bench catching some sun. I got interested when he told me he was a financial advisor who was just waiting to meet a client. So I was happy when he mentioned that the guy didn’t show up so I realized that he had lost a commission. He lookedRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: As in most countries the Czechs dislike being bothered at home by door-to-door selling and in some regions there are laws forbidding it. So I was very surprised to bump into this super cute dude who was attempting to get people to sign up for new electricity supply contracts. The guy was very good looking so I was keen to engage him in conversation. Fortunately, he was nice enough to have a chat and easy to convince toRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I have wasted almost the whole day searching for willing guys although I wasn’t able to even to chat to anyone. As the sun went down, I started on my way home, mightily disappointed. Following the car’s satnav led me down a broken dirt track in the middle of the country. I passed a parked car on the side of the narrow road and I stopped just after and got out to check things out. The car’sRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I decided to head off to a football stadium looking for a sexy soccer player but instead in the roadway outside I came upon a young cute dude who was waiting for friends. I found the young man very engaging, he claimed he was lacking in good looks but it was he who always dumped his girlfriends mostly out of boredom with them. I thought he was quite sexy, and certainly pretty good looking in my eyes.Read the full story here!

CzechHunter says: It was a beautiful day and I decided to head out to a reservoir on the outskirts of Prague to see who I could find. At first, I thought the place was deserted but I came across a really strange cute young dude who was wanking as he spied on some girls who were changing their clothes some way off on the other side. He didn’t spot me at first, so I got everything on camera. He gotRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I decided to head out again to the lake on the outskirts of Prague as I’d been very successful in the past. As I got close I heard what I thought was the sound of a jet-ski and I envisaged a group of young people who I could try some of my tricks on. But when I got to the water’s edge I saw only one solitary dude playing with a remote control motorboat. I was a bitRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I had this great plan to head out to a local football pitch where a lot of young straight footie players try out for professional teams. My plan was interrupted whilst on the way there when I bumped into a cute 19-year-old straight Russian stud. He came to the Czech Republic only a year ago so his Czech wasn’t exactly perfect, but it was good enough to have a talk and make him a nice naughty offer. WeRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I have to admit that I have developed an unnatural interest in the Parkour. It draws a huge crowd but I am there to check out the fit guys who tend to take part. A few of my friends fucked parkour guys and it was a treat every single time. I decided to try doing the same thing and went hunting to a known parkour spot. It didn’t look like a good idea at first, the place wasRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: This hot young lad was bored at school so he played hooky and went off to chill out. To me, this all sounded very interesting as in the Czech Republic only the bad boys skip school so he was a perfect candidate for my sexy offers. I was totally convinced he would jump at the chance to get naughty in exchange for heaps of cash. The guy was a typical rebel. He refused to do anything that wasn’tRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today quite an exciting experience, where I fucked a guy in a tree. The two of us climbed into the tree’s branches and fucked right there. So how did this come about? I saw a young straight guy looking sad and in tears sitting on a bench in a park. His girlfriend had dumped him, a few moments before and he was totally broken by the news. To make things even worse, he had wanted to propose toRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I was out hunting in the suburbs of outer Prague when I happened upon Russian cutie Alex. He was outdoors lying by the river, enjoying the summer sun. I was instantly attracted to him, he was a really sweet guy and we had a nice talk about Russian and his experiences once he arrived here in Czech. The whole time I was trying to slowly lead him towards doing something sexual, but it wasn’t easy. He was justRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Prague used to be the graffiti city that is until the police cracked down and cleared the graffiti artists off the street. These days you are still allowed to make your mark on abandoned and ruined buildings without getting into trouble. So it was one of these places that I went searching for talent. It was a good idea because I quickly bumped into a handsome 21 years old graffiti artist. He was surprised as hell. The guyRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I didn’t plan to look for this guy near his college but it kind of just happened. I managed to get him talking asking inane questions about the building whilst pressing him for all the relevant information about him. His name was Rudy, an 18-year-old student who worked in his spare time in a bar. The very best combination in my experience. Straight away he agreed to show me his big dick at my apartment. He wasn’t veryRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today was another beautiful summer’s day so I decided to go out hunting near the lake on the outskirts of Prague. I spent the first few minutes lying on a blanket checking out the sexy young guys all around. One dude stood out, he was swimming quite far off. Anyway, I started filming with my camera and as luck would have it the handsome guy didn’t like me filming and starting shouting at me. Well, he was definitelyRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: It’s summer here in Prague and with the good weather there are loads more places to hunt for sex. Today was especially lucky as I took my camera and set off boating on the river. Judging by the number of boats I was going to try to score a sailor. I scored straight away with Patrick a cute straight lad with plenty of things to say about himself. Maybe I was a bit too friendly and eager becauseRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I do love the summer time as it is the best time to go hunting for sexy young men in Prague. The warm weather means that there are half naked boys all over the city and it is very easy to spot nice looking cuties to approach. For some reason their guard is down as they lap up the summer rays. I first spotted this guy because of his nice firmly shaped butt. He walked past me soRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: There is a place in Prague where guys who’ve had their hearts broken go to get over arguments, fights, and breakups. Whilst it sounds a bit spooky, I thought I would give it a try, perhaps I could find some young guys there. When I eventually found the place, it was pretty well hidden it appeared that there was no one around. I was almost about to leave when I bumped into a guy who just broke upRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Have you ever dreamed of fucking a straight 18-year-old firefighter? Well, today I managed to achieve that impossible feat. This boy was my first. Well, he wasn’t exactly a professional firefighter but he did firefighting sport. I tried to picture him running around with hoses, all sweat and muscular. I definitely wanted to have a look at him and then do a lot more. The boy just turned 18 and was still a student so his pockets weren’tRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I got to see something very interesting while I was out searching for guys. I headed to the outskirts of Prague visiting a lovely historic castle. I had planned to have a good guided tour but I had to cancel those plans when I bumped into a cute dude as soon as arrived inside. He was waiting at the castle for his friends, who were buying supplies for a little party. For a second I thought aboutRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I found a young straight guy with a beautiful angelic face. Very beautiful with a gorgeous body, blonde hair, and a huge dick. I was very excited as he was my best target in weeks. It was cold winter weather and I bumped into him near the river, he was just out and about enjoying the cold weather. He told me a bit about himself, from a small village in the south of the countryside. A youngRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I decided to go hunting in a small town away from the big city. I got lucky pretty quickly when I bumped into a guy on his way back from a local bar. He had a naughty streak which made my job easier than ever. The young man was just 20 years old and looked super cute. He didn’t have to get back to his girlfriend or anything so it gave us plenty of time to get toRead the full story here!