CzechHunter says: Today was another beautiful summer’s day so I decided to go out hunting near the lake on the outskirts of Prague. I spent the first few minutes lying on a blanket checking out the sexy young guys all around. One dude stood out, he was swimming quite far off. Anyway, I started filming with my camera and as luck would have it the handsome guy didn’t like me filming and starting shouting at me. Well, he was definitelyRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: It’s summer here in Prague and with the good weather there are loads more places to hunt for sex. Today was especially lucky as I took my camera and set off boating on the river. Judging by the number of boats I was going to try to score a sailor. I scored straight away with Patrick a cute straight lad with plenty of things to say about himself. Maybe I was a bit too friendly and eager becauseRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I do love the summer time as it is the best time to go hunting for sexy young men in Prague. The warm weather means that there are half naked boys all over the city and it is very easy to spot nice looking cuties to approach. For some reason their guard is down as they lap up the summer rays. I first spotted this guy because of his nice firmly shaped butt. He walked past me soRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: There is a place in Prague where guys who’ve had their hearts broken go to get over arguments, fights, and breakups. Whilst it sounds a bit spooky, I thought I would give it a try, perhaps I could find some young guys there. When I eventually found the place, it was pretty well hidden it appeared that there was no one around. I was almost about to leave when I bumped into a guy who just broke upRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Have you ever dreamed of fucking a straight 18-year-old firefighter? Well, today I managed to achieve that impossible feat. This boy was my first. Well, he wasn’t exactly a professional firefighter but he did firefighting sport. I tried to picture him running around with hoses, all sweat and muscular. I definitely wanted to have a look at him and then do a lot more. The boy just turned 18 and was still a student so his pockets weren’tRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I got to see something very interesting while I was out searching for guys. I headed to the outskirts of Prague visiting a lovely historic castle. I had planned to have a good guided tour but I had to cancel those plans when I bumped into a cute dude as soon as arrived inside. He was waiting at the castle for his friends, who were buying supplies for a little party. For a second I thought aboutRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Today I found a young straight guy with a beautiful angelic face. Very beautiful with a gorgeous body, blonde hair, and a huge dick. I was very excited as he was my best target in weeks. It was cold winter weather and I bumped into him near the river, he was just out and about enjoying the cold weather. He told me a bit about himself, from a small village in the south of the countryside. A youngRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I decided to go hunting in a small town away from the big city. I got lucky pretty quickly when I bumped into a guy on his way back from a local bar. He had a naughty streak which made my job easier than ever. The young man was just 20 years old and looked super cute. He didn’t have to get back to his girlfriend or anything so it gave us plenty of time to get toRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: When I met this new guy in the street I felt like I had won the lottery. Young Michal turned out to be 24 years old but he still had very boyish teenage looks, very sexy with a cheeky chirpy bonhomie. He was a young cutie adorable with a lean body and an adorable smile. Yeap Michal was lovely but he was about to get totally wrecked by mu big uncut dick. He lived at home with hisRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: It was a lovely sunny day so I decided to check out the city center expecting to find a lot of sexy young people down by the river. This turned out to be a very good idea as I bumped into a young cute guy even before I got started. The young man was supposed to be meeting a friend who was running late so we had a few stolen minutes together. He kept talking but I wasRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I went for a nice walk along the river to enjoy the weather. After a while, I noticed a sad-looking guy just sitting at the riverbank. I turned on my trusty camera and approached him. Adrian was a 20 years old guy in big trouble because of a crumbling relationship. He needed money to pay rent and take care of the love of his life. She sounded like a bitch to me but who am I to judge?Read the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I was passing by a family house when I noticed a cute guy in the garden. He was playing with his dogs so I decided to use it as a conversation topic. The cutie let me in to play with his beloved pets. We had a nice chat during which he mentioned how expensive these large breeds are to feed. Obviously, because the guy was young and gorgeous, I offered him a way to make money. He tookRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: It was a lovely spring day in Prague with lovely sunny blue skies so I decided I would go hunting on the outskirts of the city. I happened upon a sexy young guy looking under the hood of his car. We got chatting as you do and I decided he was a good target for my moves. Young Tomas was just 20 years old and looking for work at the moment. He was a professional driver but asRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Ok I’ve broken my one and only rule. But what could I do when I got a call from one of the best dudes I ever fucked. He is really gorgeous so I didn’t hesitate and agreed to help him solve his financial situation. There was only one problem; no matter how cute, I never use the same guys again. That’s why I decided to turn this episode into a threesome. I knew about another slut having moneyRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I own a few flats around Prague but I’ve never cared about my neighbors until now. Today I realized it was a big mistake. Maybe I don’t have to search the streets, maybe there are cute dudes living next door. I was on my way outside when I bumped into this guy. He was busy preparing his rusty bike for a ride but was willing to chat. This innocent looking guy immediately made me horny as hell. IRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I was following a cute guy into a building but then I lost him. While I was looking around for him, I got locked inside. I decided to wait for someone, who would let me out. Thank god this young man showed up. I told him I was looking for my friend’s family but obviously, he never heard of them. I decided to strike before he would get upset about a stranger in his apartment building and offeredRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: This cutie was absolutely out of money when I met him. He was supposed to start at a new job next week so his wallet was empty. Not to mention the job was pretty crappy so my easy cash got him interested. The guy just moved from a small town to Prague. I was lucky because his new flat was still empty, with no roommates yet. He took me there and eagerly tried to earn money. The dudeRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I was walking around the old city center when I bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18 years old dude, who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke. Mainly because Marian liked casinos… That was good news, gamblers are always easy. I offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20 000 Crowns for sex. He hesitated for a second and then took meRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I bumped into David who was heading to meet up with a friend. He worked as a warehouse operative so when I mentioned earning extra money I got his full attention. We started chatting and soon he was undressing so that I could admire his nice slim body. He wasn’t into sports but he still looked toned and fit. I made him an offer that I wanted to see him naked. He didn’t want to do anything inRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: This poor dude just wanted to chill out and I completely ruined his plans. He was meeting his female friend for a cup of coffee. I really wanted to make sure he spent time with me and not some skank. It wasn’t easy at all to convince him. He was greedy but not exactly happy about doing anything gay. Fortunately, his apartment was nearby and his wallet empty so I talked him into stuff. His naked body wasRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: I met Marek right in the street and it was a lucky find. The guy finished high school not a long time ago and had only a few short part-time jobs abroad. He was struggling a bit ever since he came back to the Czech Republic. He lived alone only with his big dog. That was quite convenient as the guy was really hungry for money. He refused to do anything outside but was more than happy toRead the full story here!

CzechHunter says: Hmmmm its a rainy day and everyone is sheltering indoors. Czech Hunter is going to have to work overtime as there are no people outside. Then it was extra special that I had the luck to bump into young cutie Tomas. He was stuck with me waiting for the rain to stop. Now was my chance. Tomas is one funny guy and he certainly was quite flirty and he didn’t mind being a bit naughty. It didn’t takeRead the full story here!