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Corban stuck to straight porn for his shoots, but he appears to be fully bisexual!….. Chaos Men says: Corban stuck to straight porn for his shoots, but he appears to be fully bisexual. Though he is very nervous about doing anything on camera with a guy. It feels a little bit like he has always been on the down low, and even though he likes sex with guys, putting it on film seemed the biggest challenge. See Corban fully exposedRead the full story here!

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From sticky wetness, rimming, kissing, and a lot of ass to mouth action!…… Chaos Men says: Director’s Cut with all the action. When Griffin came on Team Chaos, I knew he would make a lot of fans happy, and sure enough, you all really saw what an amazing sexual beast he is. I of course immediately thought about pairing him with Vander. But with Vander in graduate school, my window to work with him is short, so we usually doRead the full story here!

Devin’s a fan of the Edge videos!…… Chaos Men says: Devin Dixon said he was a fan of the Edge videos, so we setup a play date with Bryan. Things got a little out of hand. See Chaos Men Bryan and Devin Dixon ‘Edge’ here! See Chaos Men Bryan and Devin Dixon ‘Edge’ here! All the Chaos Men updates right here!Read the full story here!