Bentley Race says: Today we have a new update from our sexy Aussie boy Reece Anderson. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen him as he moved out to the countryside. Reece visited us back last year for a photo shoot and video starting in the hot tub. Reece starts off fully clothed in a sleeveless muscle t-shirt, shiny shorts, long sports socks, and sneakers stripping them off showing off his lightly hairy chest and hairy armpits. Reece alwaysRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: I’m finally getting caught up on all the shoots we did earlier this year. This is the second shoot from the series of shoots I did with our cute mate Justin Evans in Berlin. I first met Justin 8 years ago when he came to visit from Poland. Back then he was 18 and did an incredibly hot shoot with Zac. He’s still super fit and very cute. Even though I pulled him in at the lastRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: This is the 3rd part of the series of hot shoots I did with Brad earlier this year. As we were heading into winter I invited Brad Hunter to come over and warm up in my hot tub. I’ve done a load of sexy photo and video shoots with Brad in the past couple of years. He starts off in a speedo for this shoot. But loses it in the bubbles of the hot tub as IRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: 2020 has been a very strange year what with the world and Australia closing its borders to other countries for most of the year. Australians are not allowed to leave so I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to call on a bunch of Aussie mates to step in and keep Bentley Race chock full of new sexy updates. All those hottie overseas boys will have to wait. Although I am looking at ways for my overseasRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: We’ve managed to get a lot of hot film with some of our visiting American gay porn star Billy Bones. Just as we headed into the southern hemisphere winter I arranged for Billy and our mate Dylan Anderson. I could have predicted that these guys would get along well. Before I started the camera rolling the sexy boys in just their Speedos were already making out in the hot tub. The guys quickly lost their swimwear asRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Today you can see a series of videos that I shot with sexy best mate Brad Hunter earlier in the season. We managed to get a few shots in the street before we popped back to the studio to get properly naked and see Brad at his horny self. As he drops his track pants we see Brad’s tiny jockstrap can barely hold his huge erect cock. I got some great shots of Brad’s giant cock andRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: I love it when sexy mates who’ve been featured in the past come back to visit us for a new update. One such young stud is super horny mate Ethan Summers. He stripped naked out on the roof about 2 years ago, today he is back and sexier than ever. As you can see Ethan LOVES to show off in front of the camera. We got some pretty wild photos, but wait until you see Ethan beggingRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: I’ve had sexy American porn star Billy Bones visiting this week so picking an Australian mate for the first of his scenes. The choice was easy as Billy asked to pair up with our super cute stud Connor Peters. Connor, a tall Aussie dude with a big dick proved a huge hit with his first shoot earlier this year. So when the guys got it together they got on famously right from the start. The guys wereRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Sexy young stud Andy Samuel is a popular boy with fans this past year. At the end of summer, Andy dropped in for a solo shoot with me. Everyone loves shooting with Andy and he is a requested partner for many shoots. In this shoot, Andy is posing in some skimpy shorts and long socks before getting completely naked. The photos look good. But wait until you see the video where Andy sucks my cock while IRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: I have one of the best gay porn jobs meeting and photographing as I have hundreds of beautiful young men. I am always made up when one guy from the past drops by to say hello. That is what happened to 21-year-old Reece Anderson who first posed for me 3 years ago. We lost touch as he moved to the countryside but now he is back. Reece has really changed, he’s all grown up and I loveRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: When we asked Sam Angel who he wanted to pair up with for his first couple video shoot he requested big dick mate Damien Dyson. Perhaps you remember Sam shot his first solo scene just after his 18th birthday last year. Well, he is back and luckily we were able to grant his wish. The two young dudes had instant chemistry as they were changing into their underwear, socks, and sneakers. I always enjoy shooting with DamienRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: I bumped into Cristian Berry a horny Colombian with a big uncut cock when I was traveling in Berlin. Our first shoot turned out to be so fun that we immediately set up a second one. This time we ended up going a lot further and I fucked Cristian’s hot bubble ass. Cristian loves getting naked in front of the camera and I was able to get some very sexy shots of him stripping off his clothes.Read the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Sexy young stud Connor Peters is back. Since his very first video back in the summer young Connor has proved hugely popular with fans and many of my mates have been clamoring to partner with him online. To meet the demand 21 year old Connor has already shot hot videos with Andy Samuel and Damien Dyson. Today Connor is on his own with me. I wanted to get some nice photographs and a dirty new video. HeRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Today we have a fun shoot from back in the early summer when Tomas Kyle gets it together with Byron Atwood. They had already been communicating on social media and I was excited for them to meet up in the studio. They were definitely up for a bit of sexy fun. As they kiss Byron teases Tomas and helps him to get naked. These boys are adorable together you can see Tomas loves fucking Byron. They fuckRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Since getting back from Europe I’ve been spending a bit more time with my mate Brad Hunter. The 22-year-old from the suburbs of Melbourne started shooting with me 2 years ago and was a big hit with our mates. I started getting a lot of requests from the other guys to shoot with him. But Brad still prefers just to shoot solo or with me. He’s one of our straight mates who also likes to bottom occasionally.Read the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Today we are introducing another cute young Aussie dude Nate Anderson. Nate looks lovely and when he joined us in the studio it was clear that he’s no shy boy. As soon as he started stripping off his clothes he came alive and pretty cocky grabbing his big uncut dick and jerking it with the air of a pro. I was a little worried he might get a little overexcited and blow his load before I hadRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: There was no question about it when trying to decide who I would team up for our latest video. I asked Damien Dyson who he wanted to pair with and he immediately chose Connor Peters. Connor is our young new hottie who is certainly going down well with all our readers. He’s been super popular since his first shoot a few weeks ago. Both guys got along well and enjoyed each others’ big dicks. These cocksuckers turnRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Australia welcomes many foreign visitors from across the whole world. One fun guy, I met recently was the incredibly sexy American gay porn star Billy Bones. Billy has a rugged outdoors look which a hefty cock and good looks. I was excited to get him into the studio, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to meet and greet this stunning young hunk. We hit it off right away as we selected a fun outfit forRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: This is Connor Peters first couple shoot on Bentley Race. Connor told me at his first shoot that he was excited about getting in on a shoot with our super cute bottom boy Andy Samuel. So I invited the boys over for this cute shoot with the boys wearing uniforms and stripping each other out of them. The look on Andy’s face when he sees Connor’s big cock is priceless. He quickly ragged it out of Connor’sRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: Summer in Australia every year attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s this time of the year that I get a lot of applications from guys visiting Melbourne. A couple of weeks ago I met with with beautiful German boy Lukas Schmidt. Lukas is a straight 19 year old travelling around Australia. He is a talented photographer and showed me some of his work. I had a really nice day taking photos of Lukas and checkingRead the full story here!

Bentley Race says: We are again celebrating Australia day weekend and as usual we’ve been taking new photos and videos of fan favourite Ryan Kai. Ryan dressed in sexy blue shorts, a grey t-shirt and white Calvin Klein socks and white sneakers, strips slowly. He poses lying on his chest exposing his cute pert bum with his shorts around his knees. Ryan has a big thick cock which is already stiffening and as he turns over he can’t help grabRead the full story here!

European gay porn star Rico Fatale wanks out a huge cumload spilling jizz all over himself! Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet and shoot with one of my favourite porn stars during my Europe vacation. I have been talking to Rico Fatale for a long time about shooting together. And finally our paths crossed recently in Berlin. And it turned into a really fun day with Rico stripping and showing off naked at my hotel. He even startedRead the full story here!

Andy Samuel and Byron Atwood hardcore big uncut dick ass fucking! Bentley Race says: This is the first meeting of my two adorable mates Andy Samuel and Byron Atwood. The guys had exchanged messages before after seeing each other had done shoots with me before and were keen on shooting together. So I got them over to make some fun photos in the studio and have a hot video session. After picking out clothes for each other in the modelRead the full story here!

Olly’s thick uncut cock drips pre-cum staining his wrestling singlet!….. Bentley Race says: Young 20 year old hottie Olly Daniels relished his first step into the gay porn limelight back last year. With his furry tight ass and his thick uncut cock dripping pre-cum staining his wrestling singlet it is easy to see that Olly is pleased to be back. He breaks into a little wry smile as he spurts his boy cum across his abs. See Olly Daniels fullyRead the full story here!

We had a fantastic time travelling around Europe over the holiday season. It was unusual for us to be having a winter Christmas when it’s the hottest time of the year at home in Australia. But we were glad that the men in Europe had no problem getting their clothes off for us when it was so cold outside. We started our trip a very long way from home in Budapest where we were met and welcomed by this sexyRead the full story here!

Ryan Kai starts untying his speedos to reveal his stiffening cock!…… Bentley Race says: During Melbourne’s winter I found a few alternative venues for the guys to keep warm while still having some horny fun. This was 22 year old Ryan Kai’s warm up photo shoot when we met up in the city recently. Ryan had picked out this “tie up” Aussiebum speedo to try out during this shoot. He quickly slipped in to the soapy water to warm upRead the full story here!

Gorgeous hunky muscle boy Marti Trifon jerks his huge cock firing a load of muscle cum!…… Bentley Race says: When I first saw a photo of 21 year old Marti Trifon, I knew I wanted to meet with his hunky muscle boy. He was introduced to me by one of my other mates in Germany. Marti moved from eastern Europe to Berlin a few years ago. He told me that he’s not in peak shape at the moment while heRead the full story here!

whips out his monster black cock in the shower!….. Get this video at Bentley Race! Bentley Race says: When I first posted the photos and video of Levi Hamil jacking off his famously huge cock with both hands, my mates were going crazy! They want me to bring the well endowed New Yorker back to Australia. In this shoot Levi brought along his wrestling singlet and proceeded to show off his bulging cock through the tight lyrca before pulling itRead the full story here!

Sarpa sprays a huge load of cum all over! Bentley Race says: Sexy Australian stud, 19 year old Sarpa Van Rider greases up his bum then he pushes that black rubber cock deep up inside his ass hole. The expression on his face shows, he’s really enjoying it. Once he’s done playing with the toys he stands up and sprays a huge load of cum all over. See Sarpa Van Rider fully exposed here!Read the full story here!

Gorgeous slim hairy legged stud Brock Matthews wanks his massive dick to a load of hot boy cum! Bentley Race says: Our cute French twink Brock Matthews is back this week shooting on the roof with me. Brock has starred in a bunch of shoots with our mates over the past year after we met last summer. I wanted to get him back for a photoshoot on the roof and afterwards a sex video with me in the studio. WeRead the full story here!

William flashes his uncut cock! William Tudor gets naked outdoors Bentley Race says: One of our new mates on Bentley Race has become very popular with members asking for more scenes and my other mates lining up to get in to a scene with him. 26 year old William Tudor joined us late last year when he posed in football gear and a jock strap. Watch William Tudor getting naked outdoors FULL VIDEO at Bentley Race! The lanky lad lovesRead the full story here!