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Belami says: Today we start a new hardcore series “Summer in Prague” and the boys are showing newbie star, Ashton Montana, around the city. Oversexed and Belami popular model Kieran Benning is dying to try out sex with the new guy so he watches the group for an opportunity to spirit Ashton away so that he can indulge himself. To kick it off we have one of our most popular models from the past few years, Kieran Benning together withRead the full story here!

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Belami says: Gino Mosca stopped working with Belami as an active model awhile ago however we’ve saved some of his best scenes so that his fans can see him in action for a quite bit longer. Today Gino partners with Aldo Belucci his first scene for us. Newbie Aldo looks fresh and innocent if not a little nervous as he limbers up to fuck Gino’s tight bubble asshole. As his initial nerves disappear we see that Aldo is a natural-bornRead the full story here!

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Belami says: Matthieu Corne has visited us a few times over the last few years. This time he turned up unannounced during the summer months when we were in full flow with Summer Loves so we brought him down to the chateau for a hot photoshoot. Matthieu has a beautiful smile and a romantic dreamy face and is very easy going and killer lips. He has a lovely toned body although he doesn’t work out at the gym. There isRead the full story here!

Belami says: Ariel Vanean has a new boyfriend and despite all the newbie sex he is hornier than ever when he arrives in the office. Today the lucky recipient of his pent up sexual energy is Derek Caravaggio, who was also wandering around the chateau looking for some action, so when production manager Rhys sends them off to have some fun together they waste no time in getting down to business. There is some pretty amazing physical chemistry between theRead the full story here!

Belami says: Sammy Poulain has always been taught to do small kindnesses to strangers with no expectation of reward. However, when Sammy offers to help Bart Cuban he clearly wants to receive something by way of thanks. Sammy decides that he is not going to leave things up to chance as he wants Bart to fuck his tight asshole. The boys undress each other and start making out, kissing passionately. Sammy sucks Bart’s huge uncut dick in long slow strokesRead the full story here!

Belami says: Summer Loves is back again with everyone’s sweetheart, Justin Saradon. If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle. Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating… Not that he still doesn’t enjoy partying, just now it is done drinking only water. His photographer here is resident cameraman Eliot who has decided to makeRead the full story here!

Belami says: One thing must be said about Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes. It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony. We start off with a reference to early BelAmi with the cherry opening to the scene, and Antony promising to add one moreRead the full story here!

Belami says: One of the many things we know about Pip Caulfield is his deep-seated insatiable love of big twink dicks. But today in something of a reversal of roles he manages to sneak in on Fabien Jacq and get him away from Kevin for a little Pip private love training. It seems that we’ve found the perfect pairing as both Pip and Fabien are short, they are two of the shortest guys we have and they have slim rippedRead the full story here!

Belami says: There is a bit of a coming of age theme to today’s scene with 20-year-old Benoit Ulliel and 27-year-old Marc Ruffalo. Benoit is lamenting the fact that he still gets age checked every time he wants a drink or to buy cigarettes, but is reassured by Marc that this will not always be the case and that he should make the most of his youth while it lasts, although we’re quite sure that Marc meant that HE shouldRead the full story here!

Belami says: Our photoshoot this week is a little bit of a wet affair as photographer Luke Hamill decided on a shower theme to introduce us to Leo Lamech. Leo is a very cute twink with a nice big dick that he seems to like showing off. It is quite unusual for Luke to take photos for us these days, so he really must have taken a shine to young Leo, even going as far as to give him anRead the full story here!

Belami says: This week we go from big dick bottoms to big dick tops for today’s scene. Kieran Benning feels left out as he wasn’t included in the main scene being shot in the house that day, but luckily Jason Bacall has the right remedy for his malady. After watching the intro to the scene, we were surprised that they were able to find a spare cameraman to film this, but veteran Lukas Ridgeston also had a free day thatRead the full story here!