Belami says: Summer Loves is back again with everyone’s sweetheart, Justin Saradon. If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle. Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating… Not that he still doesn’t enjoy partying, just now it is done drinking only water. His photographer here is resident cameraman Eliot who has decided to makeRead the full story here!

Belami says: One thing must be said about Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes. It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony. We start off with a reference to early BelAmi with the cherry opening to the scene, and Antony promising to add one moreRead the full story here!

Belami says: One of the many things we know about Pip Caulfield is his deep-seated insatiable love of big twink dicks. But today in something of a reversal of roles he manages to sneak in on Fabien Jacq and get him away from Kevin for a little Pip private love training. It seems that we’ve found the perfect pairing as both Pip and Fabien are short, they are two of the shortest guys we have and they have slim rippedRead the full story here!

Belami says: There is a bit of a coming of age theme to today’s scene with 20-year-old Benoit Ulliel and 27-year-old Marc Ruffalo. Benoit is lamenting the fact that he still gets age checked every time he wants a drink or to buy cigarettes, but is reassured by Marc that this will not always be the case and that he should make the most of his youth while it lasts, although we’re quite sure that Marc meant that HE shouldRead the full story here!

Belami says: Our photoshoot this week is a little bit of a wet affair as photographer Luke Hamill decided on a shower theme to introduce us to Leo Lamech. Leo is a very cute twink with a nice big dick that he seems to like showing off. It is quite unusual for Luke to take photos for us these days, so he really must have taken a shine to young Leo, even going as far as to give him anRead the full story here!

Belami says: This week we go from big dick bottoms to big dick tops for today’s scene. Kieran Benning feels left out as he wasn’t included in the main scene being shot in the house that day, but luckily Jason Bacall has the right remedy for his malady. After watching the intro to the scene, we were surprised that they were able to find a spare cameraman to film this, but veteran Lukas Ridgeston also had a free day thatRead the full story here!

Belami says: When we first introduced Christopher Caan most of you seemed to like him quite a bit with just a few naysayers who were not fond of the downward bend in his dick. Luckily the enthusiasm won out and we decided to film with Christopher for a few years as he started exercising more, filled out his body and became a very stunning man. His photo set today is with a model that none of you have ever questionedRead the full story here!

Belami says: Philipe wants Bruce Querelle to show a bit more of a proactive spirit with a more experienced model before he is let loose with the newbie Belami Boys. Philipe has therefore arranged a hot bareback ass fuck with Jeroen Mondrian. We’re not sure that Philipe was being entirely sincere as we suspect that he just wanted to see a hot session with two of our hottest guys fucking. Whatever the reason we are happy that he arranged forRead the full story here!

Belami says: It’s the Summer loves week at Belami and today we have two sexy young brunettes Alan Mosca and Peter Annaud. We’ve known Peter quite a long time and much longer than Alan, but both are fully part of the team here at Belami. They start by making out kissing passionately before they get down to jerking their big uncut cocks. These two sexy boys both orgasm at the same time spraying their creamy cum all over their rippedRead the full story here!

Belami says: This week hardcore action stars with a home video between Orri Aasen and Ryan McKenna. The boys have struck it lucky today and found a free room in the Castello, so all they need is a buddy with a camera to complete their mission of making a home video. Luckily Adam Archuleta is on hand to help out with that part of the task. It seems that Orri is in a bit of a rush to get fuckedRead the full story here!

Belami says: Our young dudes are pretty much horny all of the time as young men are. But when they visit Cape Town the intensity of the sex seems to jump to a higher level. Today we step into a dream threesome with handsome young hunks Jordan Faris, Bobby Noiret, and Justin Saradon. They start running across the windswept beaches with no cares in the world. All their thoughts are on the hot sex they are going to have duringRead the full story here!

Belami says: Paul Cassidy and Viggo Sorensen are two of our most popular boys on Belami Chat and today they’ve decided to team up for the day. Despite chatting for 20 hours straight Paul is still mega horny and he’s up for a spot of what he calls ‘real sex’. Luckily for him, Viggo is also feeling in need of some hot sexual attention. This new generation of Belami Boys are certainly more exhibitionist and are regulars to the manyRead the full story here!

Belami says: We remember seeing Dylan Maguire and Joaquin Arrenas together before. Today we celebrate them as our models of the week. Benno Thoma took the photos whilst the boys were in Cape Town. The sexy boys get naked and jerk their big cocks and suck and fuck till they both explode in cum. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   Watch FULL MOVIE here!   All the Belami updates right here! Belami Online gets a 5 star rating at My GayRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today it is the first day of Sex Safari week with both Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning enjoy their time in Cape Town. Both these sexy boys have a few fetishes that turn them on. Christian is really turned on by a guy’s feet and he licks Kieran’s bare feet in the bathtub. After he has licked and kissed Kieran’s feet he settles down to his first love, sucking down hard on a guy’s big rock hard dick.Read the full story here!

Belami says: It is hard to imagine, but Torsten Ullman went out last night to try and pick up, but returned home empty-handed and rejected. At least he has a good group of close buddies that are always willing to help out a friend in need, even if most of them are a bit hungover, there is always at least one up for a little fun. Today it is Jon Kael that is also feeling horny and wanting a goodRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today Roald Ekberg and Raf Koons get it together and fuck each other in this sexy flip flop bareback ass fucking. It’s always a pleasure to watch a guy with a huge dick like Raf getting fucked, but it is even better to watch him putting his massive member to good use on his buddy. Luckily today we get the best of both worlds. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   Watch FULL MOVIE here!   All the Belami updatesRead the full story here!

Belami says: We continue our week of big dick flip flop fucks. Today we have Enrique Vera and Yannis Paluan who both have a huge appetite for sex. Enrique loves to go out looking for sex, he is definitely the one on the hunt. Yannis, however, is much more relaxed and loves to enjoy a steady stream of good friends with benefits. Both guys give us an excellent exhibition of their oral skills before Yannis decides that he will beRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today we see the results of Bruce Querelle’s training in his very first scene, we had to check that this was true. Kevin was right Bruce passed through his basic training very swiftly. His casting took place just one week prior to this movie. We chose talented bottom boy Marcel Gassion as his very first video partner, taking a bit of a risk. However, Marcel being an active bottom boy he can be quite dominant and bossy andRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today we have three of our most popular new stars Eluan Jeunet, Jim Durden, and Elio Chalamet who are getting naked posing for a hot new sexy photoshoot. Eluan is having a few troubles during his moment in front of the camera as he sees Jim and Elio naked and can’t concentrate on the job at hand. Hehehehe what started as an innocent photo shoot quickly descends into a hot bareback threesome fuck fest. Elio is the bottomRead the full story here!

Belami says: No matter how hard we try we can never ever get a bad scene from young hottie Jim Durden. Whenever he is involved we are guaranteed sparks and super hot gay anal sex. He is just so rampant and can fuck more and more each day and still be up for another ass. Not since we introduced Dano Sulik have we had a model that could fuck so often per day and still not be satisfied, but thatRead the full story here!

Belami says: Hot young twink Ross Dempsey is the focus of Belami’s model of the week. Ross strips naked showing off his ripped abs and gorgeous smile. As he bends over to show us his very hairy asshole we marvel at Ross’ huge twink dick. He wanks his big cock till he spills cum all over himself in a series of powerful spurts. What a sexy photoshoot video Ross. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   Watch FULL MOVIE here!   AllRead the full story here!

Belami says: We try to be fair to our guys who are about to experience their first bottoming session. So we try to match them with one of our experienced tops with an average-sized dick. However, when we suggested a few names to Ashton Montana, he made it clear, he wanted big and beautiful no holds barred. So in keeping with his wishes, Luke called up Antony Lorca to take up the honor of being Ashton’s first on-screen partner. LuckyRead the full story here!

Belami says: We decided to let our models decide how they want to shoot their own home movie. In this way, Peter Annaud and Jeremy Robbins could decide what they wanted to do. Well whilst the idea was a good one, the sexy boys could just not decide how they wanted to start off the scene. Just as luck would have it Niko was on hand to give them some hot tips and advice. He decided he wanted to seeRead the full story here!

Belami says: Rhys Jagger is busy scouting out locations for a new shoot, well that is his excuse but we are sure he is just trying to get up close and personal with young Ian Roebuck. Who could blame him? Whilst Ian started off as a cute slender twink he’s grown into a muscled athletic stud. One thing that hasn’t changed is Ian is still a cock hungry bottom. He agrees with Rhys’ naughty suggestion that they test the soundRead the full story here!

Belami says: Timothy Blue has made the grade moving up from Freshmen to Belami with his debut scene with Serge Cavalli. As we are all here to see our guys fucking it is easy to forget that some of them have talents other than sex. Today we learn that the guitar is one of Timothy’s skills but not Serge’s. As Timothy plays Serge makes up his own little love song. Despite the effort, we’re not sure that either boy willRead the full story here!

Belami says: Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren are easily two of Belami’s most sexiest models and are a couple in real life. So they are hooking up both in front of the camera and behind also. Hoyt is known for being a little aloof with scene partners but this all changes when Christian is on the receiving end and it is clear that the pair share a special bond. So today we are up for a very hot bareback fuckingRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today Jeroen Mondrian and Jason Bacall meet in the woods where they embrace and kiss passionately. Back indoors as Jason gets naked, Jeroen falls to the floor sucking down hard on Jason’s huge cock. Jeroen is one of Belami’s favorite bottom boys and he loves getting fucked. Jason’s big dick slides easily between Jeroen’s hot bubble ass cheeks getting his raw dick balls deep in his hole. Jason bareback fucks Jeroen’s hot hole firmly pushing his dick home.Read the full story here!

Belami says: Today Peter Annaud and Mark Sullivan are taking part in a couple’s photoshoot. These sexy young men are both very handsome and Mark’s blue eyes really stand out as does Peter’s huge young dick. Both boys’ big uncut cocks start the shoot soft and floppy but by the end, they are both rock-hard jerking their dicks. The boys seem to have a lot of fun making these special shoots, so we hope you enjoy seeing them as muchRead the full story here!

Belami says: Jeff Mirren has a lot of good looking friends and this he realizes is sometimes a bit of a problem. He’s looking through the sex dating app Grindr on his phone with Enrique Vera, and every boy he sees there doesn’t really compare with any one of his friends. Enrique is ready to help a friend out. Today is part one of a two special where we see sexy young hunk Jeff whispering sweet nothings into Enrique’s earRead the full story here!

Belami says: Today’s Belami boys scene of Johnny Bloom and Antony Lorca was filmed on a trip to South Africa on a trip a few years ago. Anthony was the newbie here and this is a rare video of Johnny. The boys arrive set for the pool and begin by spreading sun cream on each others’ sexy bodies. They explore each other romantically and their lips meet. They kiss passionately and then Johnny kneels and sucks down hard on Anthony’sRead the full story here!

Belami says: Dark-haired young hunk Eros Mancini has a gorgeous young body and massive dick. We are sure that he will collect together a huge bunch of fans and we hope that this photoshoot by Eliot Klien. We look forward to see a lot more of our new handsome stud Eros. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   Watch FULL MOVIE here!   All the Belami updates right here! Belami Online gets a 5 star rating at My Gay Porn List ReadRead the full story here!