Hottie young blonde stud Olaf Mortensen’s tight hole bare fucked by tanned ripped hunk Enrique Vera’s huge raw uncut dick

Belami says: Sexy blonde Olaf Mortensen is outdoors on the terrace catching some sun when Enrique Vera appears feeling horny.

Enrique lifts his t-shirt flashing his tanned rippling six-pack abs then he leads Olaf inside for some quiet time together.

They cannot keep their hands off each other as they make out, kissing passionately.

Olaf lies on the bed with Enrique smothering his hot body with sensual kisses.

Enrique licks Olaf’s nipples as he slowly moves down finally unleashing Olaf’s big thick uncut dick and sucking it right back till it hits the back of his throat.

As he sucks Olaf’s cock Enrique runs his tongue up and down it from balls to tip and back again.

Olaf moans loudly as Enrique works his blowjob magic.

Then it is Olaf’s time to return the favor, sucking Enrique’s huge young dick till his balls are on his lips.

This drives Enrique into a frenzy and he forces Olaf onto all fours, holding apart his ass cheeks running his tongue along Olaf’s ass crack then pressing his tongue deep into his hairy hole.

Enrique then pulls his foreskin back as he pushes his swollen bare cock deep into Olaf’s waiting asshole.

He pumps his hot dick deep into Olaf’s ass in long strong strokes, making Olaf moan with pleasure.

They switch up positions a number of times, each allowing Enrique to get his raw cock deeper into Olaf’s bubble butt hole.

Enrique then pulls out before showering Olaf’s asshole with his cum then shoving his wet dick back inside as Olaf wanks his dick hard spraying his jizz load all over his stomach.

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