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If tatted ginger otters are your thing you are going to love this young dude

We made out for a bit so I could eat my own spunk!…… Deviant Otter says: Found this cute little thing vacationing in my neck of the woods….

Devin Totter gets his ass fucked by hot new hairy hunk Jake

I decided to ride his big dick and it reminded me that I really like a cock up my ass!…… Deviant Otter says: As much as I love…

Deviant Otter bareback beach bromance with Xavier Jacobs

Xavier Jacobs’ pretty much a walking boner! Deviant Otter says: So many words come to my mind when I think of Xavier Jacobs: gorgeous, rugged, passionate, humble, kinky,…

Raw Otter Romp

My balls had been aching to drain a load in this hot otter again!…… Deviant Otter says: My balls had been aching to drain a load in this…

Deviant Otter Puppy Love

My boyfriend in Love!……. Deviant Otter says: My boyfriend and I have been together now for a year and a half now and loving each other more and…

Deviant Otter Man Pile raunchy man fuck session instant chemistry between the three of us

Hot young bareback fuckers!…… Deviant Otter says: This weeks update is a bit longer than most, but I’m a big advocate of the fast forward button, so feel…

Human Urinal Cum Dumpster

We collectively pumped and dumped 5 loads into this kid!…… Deviant Otter says: I filmed this scene back in January when I was at MAL with my boyfriend….

Bearded bro breeding

Ginger stud drank my piss in the bathroom stall!…… Deviant Otter says: I fucking love this dude. I’m pretty sure that we’re brothers and our parents just aren’t…

Deviant Otter hardcore gay sex dreams daddies with huge cocks

I only let daddy fuck my face hole my ass needs to learn to be patient and wait sometimes!…… Deviant Otter says: Even when my brain’s sleeping, my…

Sexy Chaos Man Eli Hunter fucks Deviant Otter just like a girl

Straight stud Eli fucks me good and hard like he would fuck a chick!…… Deviant Otter says: I met Eli Hunter on a porn shoot in Las Vegas…

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