Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Cain, after six months at sea. He spends some of his well-deserved shore leave at the Major’s penthouse and decides to rub one out before heading to a local watering hole in downtown San Diego. Cain kicks back, removes his civvies, pulls out his thick curved cock, and strokes it until he unloads. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! All the Straight Off Base updates right here!Read the full story here!

Straight Off Base says: Beefy Marine stud from Pennsylvania, Lance Corporal Charlie, drops by the Major’s residence to rub one out. 19 years old, LCpl Charlie stands at 5’9″ and weighs in at 173 lbs. He was very sporty during his school years running track, playing baseball, football, and wrestling to a high level. He even wrestled a couple of girls as opponents, popped a chub and lost focus, but still won his matches. At the Major’s request, LCpl CharlieRead the full story here!

Straight Off Base says: Today’s visit to the Major’s penthouse suite is US Marine Corp Corporal Straight off base Quinn dressed for a special occasion at the San Diego Port Authority celebration. He looks super handsome and sexy in his Dress Blues and white hat. Standing a 6 ft 3 inches and weighing in at 205 pounds there is a lot to love about beefy USMC Corporal Quinn. As he undresses, removing his shirt we see that his chest andRead the full story here!

Straight Off Base says: Petty Officer 2nd Class Nash heads Straight off base and up to the Major’s home. He’s wearing his Dress Blues and is ready for the Major’s mandatory inspection before he heads out to a special get together in the business district of San Diego. Petty Officer Nash removes his uniform slowly and ends up naked, his already rock hard cock in his hands. He’s clearly excited by the prospect of wanking on camera and he knowsRead the full story here!

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, Lance Corporal Conrad, a well-built and exceptionally well-hung stud Marine, drops by the Major’s place after a long flight from his East Coast duty station to enjoy a weekend in beautiful San Diego. LCPL Conrad usually spends his valuable weekend liberty as a very popular dancer at several Washington, D.C. clubs entertaining many of our elected congressional policy makers and staffers. LCPL Conrad slowly and seductively strips from his uniform, pulls out hisRead the full story here!