Austin Chandler and Armond Rizzo

Lucas Entertainments says: This is honestly what gay bareback sex is all about: two hot guys who look awesome in and out of their clothes, huge raw dicks, and unmatched momentum during fucking. Austin Chandler has appeared on Lucas entertainment in a raw gay porn sex scene with Nova Rubio, but here he is with Latin hunk Armond Rizzo; it’s his first time on the site.

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Austin Chandler and Jace Chambers

Cocksure Men says: Once on his knees, Austin Chandler unbuttons and unzips Jace Chambers’s jeans and his fat cock pops out. Austin lays on the floor propping his ass up to take all of Jace’s cock deep for a pounding.

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Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

Raging Stallion says: Austin Chandler uses his tongue to explore David Benjamin’s ripped torso, and Austin’s massive cock becomes unmistakable beneath the fabric of his work pants.

Austin in turn tackles David’s cock from behind, alternately sucking it and tonguing his hole.

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CJ Parker and Austin Chandler

Jake Cruise says: Austin Chandler pounds CJ Parker’s hole hard and fast, even while CJ Parker cums all over his chest. Covered in cum, Austin Chandler pops out and returns fire, splattering CJ’s fur with his hot white cum.

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